Techno Urology Meeting (TUM) in Orbassano, Italy

The Techno Urology Meeting (TUM) is being organized by Fedra Congressi. It will be conducted from 24th January to 26th January 2018 in Orbassano, Italy.

This meeting will cover various areas like latest development in the rapidly changing landscape of Prostate Cancer, Urothelial Tumours, Testis Tumours, etc. This conference will bring together prominent and expert personalities from this field to help discuss the issue and gives insight into the same. Specific workshops on Urapathology have been organized to apply the result to the management of real-life patients.

Why should you attend this event?

  • Three days conference giving a practical overview from experts.
  • Help in updating your insight in most recent speculations in the field.
  • Invites eminent and distinguished experts from this field.
  • Outstanding experts in specific sessions and workshop on unmet needs.

Reviewing the current knowledge and discussing its applications.

Techno Urology Meeting
Starting on
January 24, 2018
Ending on
January 26, 2018

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